Cooking Class: Sushi

Cooking Class: Sushi

It has been a few months since we made the move to Japan and as much as we enjoy eating the local cuisine, we have only dabbled in preparing Japanese dishes at home. So when the opportunity arose to attend a sushi lesson, I signed us up without hesitation. Aprons donned, my husband and I listened patiently as the teacher explained the ingredients, processes and her own tips and tricks for the perfect sushi roll.

In groups we worked together to season cooked rice, roll layers of egg for tamago-yaki and prepare an assortment of other fillings including prawns, tuna, steamed greens and fresh lettuce. We used our hands to spread vinegared rice across the crisp, dark sheets of nori, arrange our choice of colourful fillings and roll it all up inside a bamboo mat.

Not content with the idea of regular sushi rolls, my husband called the teacher over to ask about futomaki (literally fat sushi rolls). She politely obliged and then stayed close to supervise as he carefully constructed his supersized sushi. While the teacher praised his work, my husband proudly sliced his sushi roll and lined it up next to mine ‘so everyone can see how big it is!’. Who knew that size mattered so much in the world of sushi!

That was less than a week ago and we have already put our skills to the test at home. I’m not sure whether it was the fun of the hands-on experience or the taste of success that had us so keen to make sushi again so quickly but I do know that I am on the look out for more Japanese cooking classes.