The Edible Balcony

The Edible Balcony

On Christmas morning I unwrapped Indira Naidoo’s ‘The Edible Balcony’. On Christmas morning it was snowing. Indira’s clearly laid-out plan for establishing an edible balcony and array of tempting recipes could not compete with the wintry weather that Father Christmas had delivered. Her spicy eggplant fritters and chicken soup with chilli and parsley would have to wait. Even her chocolate fondant with lavender cream could not inspire me to head out in to the snow for a pot of lavender. With a promise to return when the weather improved, I popped Indira on the bookshelf.

An abundance of cherry blossoms recently marked the beginning of Spring and with the help and encouragement of more experienced gardeners including my husband’s mum and our neighbour, I  have created my own vegetable garden. An assortment of pots house tomato, eggplant and cucumber plants. Parsley, basil, thyme and chilli have settled in quickly and are providing flavour and spice to our evening meals. Lettuce, mint and beetroot have been a little slower to take off, but I am still hopeful that they too will have a good life on my balcony and provide us with some edible produce.

My garden has a little way to go, but just as ‘The Edible Balcony’ waited on the bookshelf, I too will be patient. I will water and feed my plants, protect them from slugs and bugs and wait until I can enjoy my very own edible balcony.


As well as writing about our edible balcony here on the blog, I’ll post little updates to the cookbooks for company Facebook page to keep you in the loop!